NEWYORKTIMES.COM: August 14, 2013
LADY BIRD, HAROLD CLURMAN THEATRE: "The best moments feature...Elena McGhee as Lady Bird..."

NYTHEATRE.COM: Leslie Bramm August 21, 2011 
LOU, Fringe NYC: "Lou needs to be a woman of extraordinary intelligence. Elena McGhee pulls this off...she is superb. She has one of those voices that could read you the phone book and you’d be enthralled. McGhee is also beautiful, so it’s believable that she could have and did seduce great minds."

TIME OUT: Helen Shaw  June 7, 2007 
"Howard barker doesn't need to prove his genius. In 16th Century Venice the powers that be have commissioned Galactia (Elena McGhee) to paint an epic canvas of the Battle Of Lepanto.This production does muster some delightful surprises, the director is blessed with the tiny McGhee. her amused yaps of laughter are made for Barker; a man who knows that humor should never tickle, only slap."

BACKSTAGE: Sam Thielman June 1st 2007 
"The play follows Galactia (Elena McGhee) whose name rings out in the artistic community not only as a suitable moniker for a SpiderMan villain but also as a synonym for virtuosic painting. The play's conclusions are appropriately oblique and McGhee's performance successfully nuanced."

CULTURECATCH: Mallory Jensen June 2007 
"In QED's current revival of Scenes From An Execution the character's tangled relationships portrayed with intensity by the leading actors not only draw you into the struggles but demand your engagement from start to finish. Played with wit and vigor by Elena McGhee."

NYTHEATRE.COM: Martin Denton February 18, 2007 
"MAD FOREST by QED,  this young company are doing a lot of stuff right. 
The eleven member ensemble are first class all the way, cast includes Elena McGhee, the house was full, audience involved and engaged. This is a group to keep an eye on."

GOTHAMIST.COM: Mallory Jensen July 2006 
"Where Three Roads Meet , this production has numerous other things going for it, the first of which is a first-rate cast and Elena McGhee gives a quietly smoldering performance as Freud's worshipful but wise sister-in-law Minna. The cast's talent wins out with their sensitive yet thoughtful portrayals of archetypically complex characters, to make the long-ago passion and striving come alive."